Copy more than one DVD

I would like to copy two travel videos (one hour each) to one DVD. I know I can copy DVD titles to hardrive, which I can do in different folders for each travel video. (I have to use different folders because the ripped titles are vts_01_1 vts_01_2 etc and the first video files would be overwritten if placed in same folder). In using CloneDVD2 writing existing data option only allows me to choose one path for getting vob files to burn. Is there a way to copy to dvd’s to one? Am I overlooking something obvious? Thanks for any assistance. Mukguk

This is not (yet) possible with CloneDVD.

This is exactly what I wanted to do…have used up my trial period but wanted an all-in-one solution rather than messing with lots of different bits of software to do the job.

When you say this is not possible (yet), does that mean this feature is being worked on and it is likely to become a possibility in a later version? If so, then I’ll definitely buy the software.


Look here for a guide to combine 2 dvd’s on 1

Yes, this feature is been worked on. So yes, it is likely to become possible in a later version.
But I want to issue a warning: Although I would appreciate if you buy CloneDVD, you should never, ever buy something because a software maker announces a required feature for a future version. Some companies do this all the time to dry out competitors. (Microsoft comes in mind… :slight_smile: )
I can not make any promises about availability and timescale of this feature.

No sales pitch, just an honest answer with advice. :bow:

I was probably going to buy it anyway; having this extra facility would just have made it that bit better for me but seeing as that was probably the most honest answer ever, I’ll definitely buy it now!



I also await the facility to Clone 2 DVDs to one Dual layer, I get fed up swapping discs for films like LOTR extended.