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The normal method for copying SafeDisc titles with CloneCD doesn’t work with the store bought release of Diablo II. Normally you would copy a SafeDisc title by just…

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I have copied all 3 CDs with this settings:
Read Subchannel data from Data + Audio Track on !
Write settings:
don´t repair subchannel data

Everything works fine

I used a PlexWrite 124 TS for read & writing

nice cloning !

CU !


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opps …
sorry forgot something …
don´t repair subchannel data while writing off !

sorry …

CU !


Hi !!
You are right about Diablo 2
But you don´t need to select:
don´t repair subchannel data!


Hi !! N.B.
You are right about Diablo 2
But you don´t need to select:
don´t repair subchannel data!


Who knows how to copy diablo2 with an phillips 3610 writer.


Finally Diablo is not Safedisc protected! The first(installation disc) has no protection, the second disc(play disc) has protection based on the Securom protection(subchannel protected, so you need only to switch the first box for reading with CloneCD) and the third disc(Video disc) has, too, no protection. The first and the third can be read normally without marking any boxes at reading. At recording you should mark don’t repair subchannel Data, not needed, but finally better. Hey lolaboy, tried Blindwrite? If not, get it at my site:


Tom909 is right guys.

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Blind Write is not recommended.

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Hi again.

Thanx evs for support, but Blindwrite is able to make a perfectly working copy of the play disc of Diablo 2. OK. I’ve used the perfect equipment that works perfectly in every mode: Toshiba SDM1302 and a Sony crx140e, but it is an alternative for users, who have difficulties with CloneCD. Just a small alternative. For me, there is no real difference between Blind and Clone. Both worked on every protection, finally i prefer Clone(need not to switch between read write, very nerving thing with Blind). I don’t know if it works with the philips, but you can try it. If you record supports RW Discs then you can try it without making coasters, the subchannel cds can be, too, copied on rw medias. Not CD cops, but this is another story.


Just buy the damn game ! Blizzard deserves it !


i did buy it! some of us prefer to play off of the backup to save the original from scatches, ya know?


ok… what speed did u guys use to copy d2? i read messages on clonclinic… people were using 2x or even 1x to copy the game… man… that’s terrible… too time consuming… is it possible to copy at 8x? i had a sony crx140e…


What happens if you don’t read the subchannel data? I made a backup using CloneCD without selecting any checkboxes and it seems to work fine.


Tried it with blindwrite and got a coaster!Damn blind write guys so slow for a new build.


Clone CD does not work with my
Ricoh 6200s What program should I use to make a back up copy of Diablo 2.
My wife and I are fighting who gets to play.


darn… anyone out there still using adaptec cd creator 4.0?

any idea how to clone diablo using it?


javaman: I had no problems copying DiabloII in 10x with my HP9310 using CloneCD.

Tricius: I don’t think there is any way of copying DiabloII using cdcreator4 and still have the copy protection intact, but you can still run it using a crack from


Sorry for all of you, but in france, diablo have NO protection, nothing.



The Diablo 2 Play Disc has a protection and if not then you got a cracked copy, you forgot to put in the copy instead of using your original or you play from your second drive: recorder or second cd rom drive, cause the protection based on subchannel stuff has one big bug! If you install from your main or second CD Drive and then start the game with the no subchannel protected copy of the play disc in your last CD Drive then a weird thing happens. The copy works perfectly as the original, but finally you only got luck. All those non CloneCD and Blindwrite users: Get to and look out for the cracks. No other copyprogramm out there is able to copy subchannel stuff. Forget it. the first and last cd can be copied with every prog out there which is able to make copies but the second disc(play disc) must be copied with Clone or Blind. The speed at reading or recording has only one positive aspect, it is a way faster, but really it is stupid to use 1x or so. Just shit. Believe Diablo 2 needs no special settings at reading or recording speed. Only newbies will do that. If ain’t got the newest version of Clone, nero, winoncd or Blind then get to my site:


PS: I, too, have the sony crx140e and i made about ten copys and it is very stupid to set a lower speed! OK. If you got an old harddrive which is slower than your recorder. then it is normal, you won’t like to have an buffer underruns and finally coasters. Got any other questions: