Copy Long File Names?



Is there any burning software out there that lets you copy file names to a cd that are longer than 32 characters? I have noticed that Adaptec either chops off names or excludes the files. Example:

Microsoft Windows 98_Implementation and Support_Performance Tuning and Optimization.exe

Please help me! If anyone has done some thing like this please let me know how.


Are there any cd formats out there that can do this?


I have had the same trouble burning to CD using Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator and i find it frustating, I would also like to know if it is possible to copy files to CD larger than 32 characters.

Ch5 Micky


use nero and go to file options select joliet than you can use 64 characters long.
If the Microsoft defined “Joliet” (only for Windows NT and Windows 95!, -other operating systems (e.g. MAC) are not in the position to use it ) is activated, second parallel complete directory structure in UNICODE is created. It is important to know the receiver of the CD. In “Joliet”, file and directory names are allowed up to 64 characters long. There are no restrictions in directory depth, the typeface is extended. (The (first) ISO 9660 directory structure is created according to the ISO-9660-Standard. In the case that no Joliet rule is applicable, the ISO-9660-Standard takes precedence. For exact Joliet information see: Joliet CD-ROM Recording Specification/ISO 9660988, Extension for UNICODE, Version 1, May 22, 1995. Contact address: Microsoft Developer Relations Group.

A Video-CD must not be written with Joliet, because the special MPEG files have to be marked as mode 2, form 2 in order to be readable. This cannot be done in the Joliet directory structure, only in the ISO 9660 one. If a Joliet directory was written, Windows would not find this essential information.