Copy Large (11gb) Image File To Multiple DVD's


Yup - A noob question (never done it before)-

Need to copy one hella large image file (11gb) to DVD using Nero

How do I do it?

And how would I send it to a hard drive as one file?

These are Acronis True Image backup images - and I want to keep them somewhere away from my 'puter-

Thanks in advance for your help-


You have to divide it in 2 pieces at least. I’d do 50MB files, with WinRAR, store compression. :slight_smile:

you might try nero backitup, no compression. see if it will auto split the file onto dvds


Know that there is someone out there that can give me some good info on this-




Still no one that can give me the way to do this-?




Using Nero I’d use BackItUp. Click on Ghosters Nero Tutorials link above to dl the pdf’s for the various Nero products. Having quickly run the Backup function I really don’t think that the tutorials are needed.

why would anyone create an acronis image of 11GB in the first place ? seeing as how acronis allows you to select a file split size ?

Yo Ghosters-

You are absolutely correct-

Just waded through tons of “Help” info in Acronis and - yup - there was the file size adjustment box-

Do you think that I can make the file 2.3 gb so I can get two files per DVD?

Thanks so much-


when you get to the screen below, you can move the slider. the text in the box below will give you an estimate of the file size that acronis TI will create.

at the next screen you can then TYPE in a preferred max file/split size.

and 4480 MB is about the max capacity of a dvd-5


Thank you SO much Ghosters for your time and effort-


i’d be wary of allowing acronis to write the image files directly to cd/dvd. VERY often the process fails and/or “succeeds”, BUT, when you need to restore from those image/s you get “unrecoverables”…better to store to hard drive then use nero, or whatever, to put the image/s on media


My thoughts exactly!!

Going to use the DVD’s as a redundant to my backup only hard drive-