Copy kingpin



how can i copy this game?
have you some suggestion?


I myself have recently made a backup copy of this game. The games protection is that it is an oversized cd. If your cd writer doesn’t support overburning what you have to do is buy 80 minute blank CDR media. My HP 8210i can’t overburn cd’s so i bought blank 80 cdr’s used NERO burning ROM and bingo i now have a working backup of Kingpin. I even installed the game using my backup copy at it worked perfectly. For the NERO settings u can look up how to set it up on; . Just select kingpin on the gamesearch on the right hand side of the screen and it gives u all the info u need. Good Luck!

Ch5 Micky


you have used a 80 cd and overburn it or you’ve used a normal cd and overburned it?

i’ve already look at gamecopyworld and there, the istruction says that after i made the backup copy i’ve tu use e cracked exe to use the game… you’ve replaced the exe ?


I don’t know what burner u have but mine is a HP8210i and all i did was use NERO or u can use CDRWIN the choice is yours. On NERO u select the option copy cd and use the settings as explained on GAMECOPYWORLD, once Nero has made an image 2 your hard drive simply pop a blank 80 minute CDR into your burner and away u go. The crack they give is simply a NO-CD Crack which basically means that the game will not try to access the cd once u run the game. The troulbe with this type of crack is that u cannot move the game to another hard disk partition so my advise is buy an 80min cd make a backup copy use that backup to install the game. ALSO i have the Kingpin version 1.20 update which improves the game dramatically if u want it e-mail me and i will return your e-mail with the file attached. Good Luck.

Ch5 Micky


i found a raw alternative ))
i’ve extracted te audio track on my hd then with nero i’ve made a mixed cd, i’ve put inside the data track without the demo file and the audio tracks also, for the copy protection i 've included in the compilation the exe that work with the backuped copy of the cd… so who wanna use the game will install it normaly and change the original exe with the cracked one (if he wanna update the game he can fuck himself )))

i know that it’s a very raw and strange metod but i haven’t time to buy a 80 min ))))

thx for the help


Just copie on the fly with cdrwin on a 80 min cd. Set Error Recovery “Ignore” and make the copy on two speed. You can use a crack because Kinping always need the cd in the drive