Copy issues

:doh:i’m having an issue with the actual copy process. insert dvd, searches 4 content, when finished i try 2 copy and it say 's task_1 failed! Error=300, what am i doing wrong do i need need to reset settings or what? By the way i’m also not seeing a dvd 5 quality rating either.

Can you give us some information?
What program(s) are you using?
What os are you running?

windows xp, also dvd fab v4.1.2

[QUOTE=cprince3232;2025853]windows xp, also dvd fab v4.1.2[/QUOTE]

What kinda burner do you have and its firmware?? Also what media types are you using? What is the DVD your backing up? And To: 3M-TA3 if you have more problems with your system please make another posting as were are to help the OP we consider that you make another posting for your problems. We don’t like other users trying to hijack the OP questions…