Copy HOFD?

I have made personal (backup) copies of all other movies wexcept “House of Flying Daggers” Can someone help? I was about to purchase the highest rated copy program on several boards until I learned it would’t copy HOFD either. What works for y’all?
p.s. I run Windows XP and have a Plextor PX-708UF burner which has been very good. Thanks a lot! :flower:

Mostly I used DVD Decrypter to rip and burn.

Whats the “highest rated copy program on several boards” and what are the boards?

A high-rated solution you had to PAY for? Crazy! The best solutions have been, are, and always will be free. That being said, DVDFab Decrypter is probably the way to go, as this is a newer Sony release, I believe, and it could have their new protection scheme.

PLEASE do not fall for that highest rated program crap!!! This is an excellent forum and I am sure you can search the threads to determine which programs are good. To get you started…

  1. RB/CCE ($58)
  2. Recode2 ($8 Nero OEM Suite 3)
  3. Intervideo DVD Copy 3 ($50)
    In that order in my opinion…

DVD Decrypter (Free)
DVD FAB Decrypter (Free)
DVD Shrink (Free)