Copy has icon of movie camera in corner

I’m using AnyDVD and CloneDVD, just made a copy of a movie and green icon of a movie camera appears and disappears in the right upper corner. What is it? Help Please. :confused:

No help required, it’s not a problem. It’s on the original DVD too.

When the international symbol for “Angle” (tiny camera), appears, press the angle button on your remote to access different angles included on the DVD movie.

Read the owners manual for your player for more info.

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I think that the icons show up as an Unspecified… shoot, forgot what it’s called… Caption? You know, where the languages are listed. So, try unchecking that if you don’t want it to come up.

If your’re referring to subtitles, that’s not it.
It is the angle juust as Whisperer1 described.

Is it a Philips DVD Player?
(Try to disable this feature in your DVD Player’s Menu, if there is such an option)

It is a DVD Player Option. You have to go into your players menu and uncheck the multi angle option.

I know it’s the angle, but, I believe the icon is just a caption to indicate that there are multiple angles and when it is the time to use them.

I could be wrong

@ it’snotme,

Perchance could you provide the Manufacture Name and Model Number of the DVD playback device you are using when the green icon of a movie camera appears.

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why? his problem is solved…

bjkg just enjoys helping people. I have no doubt he would have actually obtained the manufacturer’s PDF owners manual and told it’snotme how to turn off the angle support feature in the players Choices or Setup menu.

I guess it’snotme went walkabout. Post and run … how rhuuuude! :rolleyes: :sad: The threads are pretty light lately so problems to be solved are simple ones lately. …Until a new version of CloneDVD :bow: :clap: comes out with fabulous new features or a new CSS scheme stumps AnyDVD (for a day) :confused:

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You were reading my mind.

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