I’m a old fart newbie. Trying to figure out how to copy a copy protected VHS to a DVD for backup. It’s late, and I’m tired. One of the hazards of being an oldfart. Anyhow, don’t know how long I’ll last tonight. I saw instructions by someone on how to make a Lite-On region neutral, and someone asked another person if he had hacked his Lite-On to ignore Macro" Is that the copy-protection, and can it be hacked. My goal is to back up several protected vhs tapes to DVD for my own legal use.

MV is the only protection on VHS.

You need something like a “stabilizer”…

I’m also a senior bloke and don’t know what a stabilizer is and what it does. Can you elaborate?



I’ve started with the Wikipedia (Macrovision as search term) and ended up here:

I don’t know how good that is, but some reading doesn’t hurt :wink:

For VHS to DVD a low cost 9 volt battery video stabilizer works fine for about $20. Sima and DiMax make better one but cost 5 times more.

[B]LiteOn LVW-5005A with SHW 160P6S drive SN:0102-1840-0098-P0SB Hacked [/B]
[B]LiteOn LVW-5005B with SHW 160P6S drive SN:0102–1140-0098-P0SB Hacked
What did you hack on them?
I have a 5005, can I eliminate the copy prevention?

Let the vcr go. I am sure your movies are on dvd by now. :wink:

some movies once on VHS sill not out on DVD.