Copy from Hard Drive

Help/advice again please I had a first ever Verbatim - R Silver disc that has deteriorated to an unreadable condition not a bad average so I wont complain!!!
The problem I have is I have a copy of the film still on the PC H/d drive see screen shot. ----
what I am unable to do is transfer it to a DVD disc
I’m using Platinum 6016 Beta. I’m unable to get DVDFab to recognise/open the folder contain the film.
Very much open to any suggestion (If they physical Possible that is Ha Ha)

I suggest to use ImgBurn in build mode. See link in my signature.

If the old DVD disc is still readable, an easier solution is the following: Run ImgBurn in [B]Read[/B] mode, insert the DVD on the drive, select a destination folder, and save an ISO on HDD.

Then select [B]Write[/B] mode in imgburn, select the ISO you just created from the old dvd, and burn the ISo on a new DVD :slight_smile:

Hi Geno
Thanks for the imput,
The Disc is unreadable I’m afraid
So I will follow your directions and keep you up to date
ThanKs very much

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Basic steps in build mode are really simple. You only need to select the VIDEO_TS folder and a label. ImgBurn will do automatically all the work :slight_smile:

Hi Geno
Just a follow up, I havent progressed much but this is due mainly to a lasy PC It is so slow at the moment (A hot brew between each action senario) that it is too frustrating :sad: — WILL CARRY ON WHEN I’VE CURED IT or Killed it!!! the PC that is:)
Thanks Anyway
Enjoy the Holidays

Happy Holidays :slight_smile: