Copy from:DVD-Rom to DVD-Writer

Hi all

I am new to all this. So please bear with me. I have :

Lg 4163 DVD-Writer

I just wanted to know if its possible to backup a DVD movie from my DVD-rom to my DVD Writer. So thats copying a DVD movie direct from my dvd-rom to my dvd writer without storing anything (image,iso etc) on my hard drive ???

And if its possible what software can i use for backing up dvd’s??? At the moment i have Nero (6) StartSmart. And how do i do it ?

Thanks alot

I think you can. Use the nero dvd to dvd copy. Not sure though.

BTW, I forgot-u can only do this if the dvd viedo has already been compressed, Not with 1 you have rented or anything

With most movies that have been released in the last several years, you will have trouble doing a direct disc-to-disc copy. You are probably going to be using standard DVD-R or DVD+R media for burning, unless you have a dual layer burner and media (which is still rather pricy!). If that is the case, you will have only about 4.7GB worth of storage. Most Hollywood videos use dual-layer discs and can have much more than 4.7GB of data on them. So, if you try to burn directly, you will run out of room on your blank media.

To the best of my knowledge, to backup a movie that uses dual-layer, you will need to take the intermediate step of ripping it to your hard drive, then compressing the data to fit onto a standard DVD-R or +R. A lot of people use DVD Decrypter for ripping and DVD Shrink for compressing. Search the forums for those programs for more details on how to do it.