Copy from CD to PC

I made selective backups of files & such so I could repartition & reformat HD so I can dual boot. I’ve got an ISO copy of XP I need to copy to HD so I can then burn it the right way (Image) thru my Nero 5.10 and I also burnt my music as audio discs & now can’t get them to copy to PC. Problem is that I can’t for the life of me remember how I was able to do this before. I am using Windows 98 SE.

Can/will the free versions of WinImage or ISO Buster do what I need it to do for the XP ISO disc?

If I right click on any of these files, (XP or audio) & “send to”, it just creates a shortcut. The same if I try to “Copy & Paste”.

Thanks for taking your time to try to help this insane idiot! :bow: :cool:

I finally figured out how to transfer the XP file. I haven’t tried the same technique on the audio yet but I think it’ll work. Thanks anyways!

:confused: :wink: