Copy Freaks site online in beta version



I just posted the article Copy Freaks site online in beta version.

As the PHP3 database programming is taking a lot of time we decided to start anyway a beta version of Copy Freaks. Take it AS IT IS, 'cause this will NOT be the next coming ass kicking PHP3 like…

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MAN…when is that italian site coming back online?? :wink:


Hmm TheDuke in 800 600 ziet dit er een beetje raar uit…!

Het is dat je het weet

Later Wannabe!

And By the way, cdfreaks is much cooler now and its great to have copy freaks back!


duke…in any resolution this looks funny :wink: little bug

but don’t worry…this will be fixed A.S.A.P.


Thanks Wannabe, even if we are actually in beta mode.
Well, anyway everything will come back with also some new cool stuff!

For ZiSE:
Pizza 1 - Haring 0 For |TheDuke|: Duky notice that the reactions are not listed in the right chronological order… just in case… Mine was posted after the Wannabe’s one.


Zeer goed manne!




IT’s cool, still some bugs, but i mostly miss having back the coversuniverse …


ok… bug report #1:

Order was wrong indeed
If someones posts a reaction with maaaaaaaaany letters in it… the layout gets kinda fucked up
about php coding… when this system is proven to be bugfree i’ll start working on the other sites… i’m a busy man so don’t expect me to be done in 2 days


Looks very kewl, but I didn’t see the banner of your sponser Warezmaffia. Did you just forgot it or aren’t they your sponser anymore ???


Also there is something wrong on the forum, but i posted an topic on the general chat.

Btw, an idea for copy freaks : Maybe duke can build an php3 script, that ppl can search for a game, and then a results page is viewed and then ppl can select the info they want on a game and download a crack or something.

Cya wannabe


Tnx wannabe for your suggestion.
Well, we are thinking about several PHP3 projects. About illegal stuff downloads, I was thinking about an e-mail automated solution, but, hearing from several parts, it doesn’t seem a 100 % working system.
Anyway, if you or other people have a good idea for these illegal downloads (apart from the well known anti-leech scripts) plz mail me at Thanks.


Wel actually i can’t write php3, but i am learning it a little bit.

Illegal downloads? But cdfreaks is an information site. I thin an php3 script with illegal downloads is more for warez and something like divide zero sites.

But i will mail you if i have some idea’s you maybe can use …

Glad 2b an help

Cya wannbe


Our lovely Italian cohost means copy cracks…


I’ve got 5 times this message Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in …/include/ on line 18
Unable to connect to database

And when posting this reaction I get the same kind of message…

What’s wrong ???


I’m getting that same error…


Its an bug in the php3 system…!(duh)
Wait a second, I clicked 3 times on the link 2 times i got the error message and the other on i got the page… hmm strange…

In the warning message, its says it can’t connect to the mysql database so…

cya wannabe


it’s not a bug in the php3 system…
i don’t know what the bug exactly is, but i think mysql can only accept an X amount of connections at the same time… if too many people visit at the same time it can’t handle any more connection and then a bug appears…
but this should be fixable…
i’ll see what i can do…


i’ve adapted the script so that connections get killed immediately after they’re not used anymore (normally there’s a time out period) …
i don’t know if it will help much…
otherwise i might try switching to Persisant Database connections instead of normal connections…
if anybody experiences the problem again, plz reply here…


Hey Duke, I’m still getting script errors whenever i load up a page in my browser (using ie5). I’ve spoken to some other people, and they also get this


i’ve heard about the javascript errors…
although i can’t get the error to duplicate (ie5, ie4, etc… they all work fine) …
so if somebody could send me:
the saved html file on the page you get the error
a screenshot of the error message
a screenshot of how the cdfreaks page looks like after you clicked away the error box

maybe i can look into it better then…