Copy film with Nero BUT when i play it on DVD last 30 mins of a 2 hour film jumps!

Can i do anything to stop this ?

Thanks in advance.

be more specific

I copy a film from Nero 6 on to a memorex DVD-R and when i watch it on my dvd player and it gets to about the 1 1/2 hour area it starts to jump whole scenes and can just jump straight to the end ! Which can be really annoying if ive not put chapters in.

Should i reduce the recording speed ?

And also it takes abot 3 1/2 hours to copy a 2 hour film is that right ?

Thanks again.

  1. yes, reduce speed, change media.
  2. if you say so. depends on how you do it. It shouldn’t take that long to burn.

Change Media ?

What do you mean, i just thought it was all down to Nero ?

use a different brand of dvd, preferably verbatim or other high quality label.

Also try to burn the DVD at lower speed may be @ 8X.