Copy film from Hard Drive to DVD

I’ve used by Toshiba M2 laptop and an old version of CloneDVD to burn my wedding DVD to my laptop
The files have been saved to a folder called: VIDEO_TS (which contains the necessary .bup. .ifo and .vob files
Note the main folder also conatins an AUDIO_TS folder which contains nothing
I’ve now tried to copy the film back from my hard drive to a DVD.
The process, which was carried oput using CloneDVD, went through the entire process without an issue.
However, although I can now see that all the data is on the DVD (using Windows Media explorer) - the DVD is failing to play as expected in both Windows Media Player and WiNDVD.
FYI I’m using Datawrite DVD’s which haven’t caused any problme sin the 50 other DVD’s I’ve copied.
Note, this is the first time I’ve tried copying back form my hard drive backup’s, back to a DVD.
Thanks for your help in advance

just use your clonedvd and browse to your VIDEO_TS folder,

bottom option > (source) DVD movie files > browse to your video_ts folder > GO

also use good quality media like TY or Verbatim.

you can also update clonedvd to

Cheers BJ - i’ll try and let you know the outcome

No luck.
As mentioned before the DVD I’ve copied has all the necessary files on it but will neither play in Windows Media Player or WiNDVD.
I tried the DVD in my DVD player at home - whcih plays anything and everthins - and although it recognised it as a DVD - nothing played, all it said in the display on the front of the DVD player was “root menu”.
The .vob files on my hard drive play perfectly in both Windows Media Player and WiNDVD.
What am I not doing correctly ?

you may need to install more codecs.

try this

would you recommend Ritek DVD-R disks ?

If there are any other possibilities, stay away from Ritek

Wats the best Tool for Burning HDD Vob Files to DVD ?

ImgBurn in Build mode