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I have DVDFab Gold and Platnium versions (needed Platnium for iPOD burns) and have encountered a copy failure in Gold. When copying a dvd to my movie server system I get between 50% and 90% through the burn before a failed process message pops up and the copying stops.

I have over 900 dvd’s in my collection (all originals owned by me) that we have copied to our server and out of those about 8 dvd’s failed. I am trying to get past the failure and would apprecaite any insight.

Thank you for your time.

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I would guess that the 8 of 400 may have unusual copy protection or bad spots in the original disc. Do you get any error codes when this happens? And have you installed the latest versions of Gold/Platinum?

I have the latest Platinum since I purchased about 2 weeks ago but not the latest Gold version. Funny thing though, my Platinum version will not rip DVD’s that my Gold version will so I use the Gold for DVD’s and the Platinum for MPEG4 formats to my iPOD.

I do not get any other error coded than “process failed”.

Just a guess here, but have you tried giving the disk a real good cleaning ? Most times when I get an error message in the read portion, it’s a dirty or scratched disk It’s a shot and it’s simple, lol. BTW, cool handle, I’m a trekkie from way back. Don’t matter what flavor. And of course, welcome to Fab forum. ~ Mike

I second Mike’s welcome to the forum. I don’t understand why you are having trouble with Platinum, but if you downloaded it two weeks ago, you no longer have the latest version. Try an update first. Download from the link here in the forum in the release announcement for Version Make it so #1.:slight_smile:

That’s so cool signals ! Aye Captain~ Mike

I also got that one right off. :bigsmile:Good one.

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Gold and Platinum have the same decrypting engine. Are you trying to run both at the same time? I am inpatient and at times will click too many times on Platinum Icon resulting it 2 copies being open and this causes problems.