Copy DVD's with LVW-1101HC1

Has anyone been able to copy dvd’s with this model? The ILO Hacker says the mv is removed but I am still not able to copy dvd’s.

Searching file.
Found Macrovision Hex String at 0x002D4AAD.
Removed Macrovision.
Could not find LP checksums. (Skipping LP Hack)
Added Region Free.
Saved Hacked file to…
C:\Program Files emp\LiteOn\Hacked\LNMBU030.DA2

Does the ILO Hacker actually remove the mv for this model because I still get an error when attempting to copy a copy-right protected dvd? Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think the MV hack works on this model.

I havn’t been able to locate anyone that has it working. I guess I’ll just keep using DVDShrink on my pc instead?