Copy Dvds dvd shrink and dvd decrypter

Hello can anyone help me I have used dvdshrink to put the movie on my hd. Then i read that i needed to use dvd dcrypter, am i using the right steps and what further steps do ineed to take to burn the dvd on a disc and watch it.

i have a nec 1300a dvdburner ,
movie jack 3.5
veritas record now
ordix mpack pro 4.5

where am i going wrong:eek:

If Shrink is successfully encoding the movie onto your hard drive, you don’t need to use DVDDecrypter. The latter program is used in those relatively rare cases when Shrink cannot rip the movie, at least for most people.

Look in the transcoding forum and you’ll see some guides for using Shrink. Or you can go here:
They have some step by step animated guides that will help you learn the process.

I’m not familiar with the software you have mentioned, so forgive me if this sounds ignorant, but what program do you use to watch dvd’s on your computer?

when you use dvdshrink it makes all the necassary files to complete a dvd.
User Nero, select your dvd burner (you may have two burners), select dvd-video then copy ALL the files shrink made into the video-ts folder.
Burn it and you have you dvd completed, perfect dvd’s :smiley: