Copy DVD's burnt with PioneerDVR530H DVD Recorder

could anyone tell me how I can rip video off of a DVD burnt with a PioneerDVR530H?

I have copied some VHS tapes off onto the Pioneer’s HDD and burnt them to DVD-r no worries. These discs play fine in dvd players however I cannot get them to work in PC drive. I have tried on multiple computers and all cannot play or even read the contents of the disc.

I need to be able to rip only a portion of the video off of the disc. Can anyone help?


Try dvd decryptor and if that fails, try iso buster.

did u finalise the disc . from memory my pioneer has to options to finalise in the home menu the second choice i thinks the one u need

Thanks guys,
i downloaded both programs and haven’t really played around to much yet. a liitle confused but will get there.

I’m not sure whether disc was finalised or not as someone else burnt for me but i will check, i’m pretty sure it wasn’t though.

Thanks for ur help