Copy dvd video to dvd+r9 (dual layer)

Hi guys,

I just got my NEC 3500 with few DVD+R9 media. And I obviously would like to try to backup some of my friends’ dvd-video, just to be safe :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the media are dual layer, I should not need to recompress the video, but directly copy to another dual layer DVD, as I would do with a normal CD. Is that right?

And second question: which software will allow me to do that? I tried Nero, but this software cowardly refused because the DVD is copyrighted. So does someone know of alternatives way to do this? If I first rip the DVD to my HD and then create a brand new DVD video from the ripped data, will it work?

Many thanks


Use dvd decrypter in ISO READ mode, then ISO WRITE mode. Also best practice to have it make an MDS file for dvd9 and to use that to burn it with…

DVD shrink and DVD fab should both allow you to write the disc in its entirety to a single dual layer disc with no compression.

Thanks for the answer

What is a MDS, how can I make one, and how can I use it?

if you use dvddecrypter (mode>>>iso read) then you will find the option;
tools>> create dvd mds file.
You need to select the iso you created.

Afther that go to ; mode>>iso write; and select the mds file

select write speed and push the write button