Copy dvd using plex tools?

I have just downloaded the XL 3.1 version of this and I wondered if I could copy my dvds using their copy facility.I see that there is software available “Any dvd” to use with it but how do you get to record on one disc is there software for this as well? I normaly use “1 click dvd” but I thought the plex may be better.Hope I dont sound dumb,but I am fairly new to Plextor.
Thank you

Clone DVD 2 is recommended with Any DVD. Plextools will not “Compress” data, since most DVD’s are dual layer and contain more than 4.4gig of data it will not fit on a standard DVD.

There is a CloneDVD Forum Group right here.

Many thanks for your reply,I have tried both "clone 2 and the other one “clone dvd11” but did not find them very good,a much better one is “1 click dvd” have you tried that?As for plex tools after what you have said,I am best forget that idea

A different flavor for everyone I guess. I would say to go with whatever you like, the nice thing about CloneDVD2 is that you can try it for 21 days and if you like it then buy it, if not then go with something else. There are some free programs also, if that is what you are looking for.

I have never tried 1 click dvd.