Copy dvd to LG GSA-H10N

I have just replaced my NEC dvd writer with an LG GSA-H10N. I am using Nero burning rom 5. If I copy files from a dvd to disk and then burn them to dvd all is fine. If I try to copy a dvd on the fly, the Nero sceen immediately disappears. If I try to reopen Nero it says unable to as the engine is in use, I reboot to clear this. I get the same fault with cd’s. I have a dvd rom drive as secondary master and the LG as secondary slave. I originally had the LG as master and the NEC writer as slave but Nero was inconsistant when I did a show recorder, sometimes showing both and othertimes only showing one of them. Has anyone any ideas as to what the problem may be. As I can burn files from hard disk I don’t think it is a media problem. As it fails immediately and without errors messages from Nero, I wondered if it was some sort of clash on the IDE bus.

would update nero, this problem was well known with version 5

I have upgraded to Nero 7 and that has cured the problem.