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I am new here and I was looking through some of the threads and most people are burning to DVD after they have ripped their movie, and they use programs like DVDShrink so they’ll fit on DVD’s or CD-R’s, but I was wondering how I could rip a DVD to my HDD with the very best quality possible. I wouldn’t want to lose any quality, if possible. I just want to be able to watch it on my PC, not on a DVD player.

Any help would be appreciated… Thanks.


You can use DVD Decrypter which should work on most discs but for the very latest structure protections you could use AnyDVD. Incidently you can also use DVDShrink by setting it up not to compress anything, but you’ll run into problems when you rip a disc with structure protection.




So AnyDVD should rip with the best quality, then? I don’t care how big the file is, I just want the best quality that I get.


You’ll end up with dvd folders on your computer that are an exact copy of the data present on the DVD except that it’s not encrypted.



It doesn’t rip. It allows a ripper like DVD Decrypter to rip new DVD’s while, AnyDVD decrypts that DVD Decrypter alone cannot do on its own.


Is there any way to turn all of these VOB files into one whole AVI or MPG file, or a similar format?


To convert a movie in AVI try Gordian Knot. Is a bit complicated to use, but is free and regularly updated.

You can find guides of its use in this site


I have never found a movie that DVD Decryptor can’t rip!


>>>>I have never found a movie that DVD Decryptor can’t rip!<<<<

So far, there are only three or four that have been discovered. None of these three or four appear to be Region 1 (so far!) and all of these are a newer variation of Sony’s ArCCos copy protection scheme, but they changed the structure again, and just as LighteningK was about to release a newer version to deal with these newer discs, he received the “cease and desist” order (which did NOT come from Sony).

You can find information on these new discs by doing a search on “Closer” and “Region 2,” I know that one has been discussed a lot.

Also, it is possible to create your own PSL file (customized) for these discs. The PSL file basically tells DVDDecrypter exactly where the “bad sectors” are that Sony / Columbia / Tristar has deliberately placed on these latest discs. Then, one must add that to DVDecrypter’s file folder, as some have successfully done. However, most people do not yet understand how to create their own PSL file. I believe there are now working PSL files for all of these “new problem discs” which have been posted around the Internet.



okay please excuse the newb-ness, but if the encryption has been removed (i have dvdshrink and can tell that way), then shouldn’t you be able to just copy the video_ts folder from the burned dvd to your HDD and you have a copy to be burned later if you want?

i have read a few faq’s, etc and i have come to the conclusion (maybe falsely) that any “already-burned” dvd +/-r can be ripped straight from disc to HDD simply by drag & drop of the video_ts folder and then be re-burned IF this “CSS” encryption was removed already? i’m guessing this wouldn’t work though on a store-bought original copy because of this encryption? (and i’m using the case that file size is 4.38 GB or less, such that compression wouldn’t come into play)

a co-worker and i are disagreeing on this. he believes a ripping program of some sort is needed in EVERY case, even if encryption isn’t there, but i believe otherwise…thanks in advance! lots of incredible info here!!


It has huge problems with CLoser R2. Also, the different R2 versions Italian, German etx have different versions of the same Arcoss.

The only way to get it to work is try to create a PSL file for it. For Convenience, AnyDVD can decrypt it straight away.


Launch AnyDVD. Insert the original DVD movie and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive.


You’re correct, your co-worker is wrong.

Also Rocenos, you realise that re-encoding a DVD into a AVI or similar is going to produce results that will be far inferior to simply re-encoding/transcoding to DVD-5, in most cases anyway. To answer your original question just rip with DVD Decrypter in ISO mode and then mount with something like DAEMON Tools, you’ll then be able to play it back on your PC as though it was the original DVD with no loss in quality. A bit pointless though considering any difference in quality from re-encoding to DVD-5 with Rebuilder and a decent encoder would be unnoticable when normally viewed on anything less than a large widescreen television or a projector.


All my backup copies are region 1. That explains why I have never had a problem.