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Hi can anyone help me. I have a dvd i like to make an exact copy but when i use nero i wont let me copy dvd. It goes through the normal process of coyping then when i put in the empty dvd disc it kicks it back out and message states dvd doesnt have enough space. The dvd i want to copy is 8000mb and blank disc is about 3000mb. How can i copy this dvd. when i use shrink in there is says there are two titles. One is 2000mb another title is 4000mb. Please provide some help or advise on how i can copy this dvd and keep in one disc.



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What type of disc is it? Is it a movie or a data disc?


You need to transcode the disc with DVDShrink or another program such as CloneDVD in order to make it fit. Shrink has a number of guides over at


Thanks. it is a dvd. I tried putting it in dvd shrink but the whole dvd wont fit.


Actually, Shrink will process it and make it fit so I think you need to read one of the guides so you can hit the right buttons to make it work. Shrink is very outdated and no longer supported, but when it works, it is great.


there are some discs that shrink cannot shrink enough although I’ve never come across this problem. if this happens then shrink as much as you can and set the target to the hard disk rather than to a dvd writer.

after it is done transcoding these files and saving them to the hard disk open shrink back up and load up the files you just saved and shrink AGAIN. this should fit it onto the disc (no guarantees on quality though!)


Thanks you guys for all the input. Dvd 9 about 8000mb trying to put in a dvd 5 doenst really work. I have wasted to much time and still no luck. Used a software from called rej something like that to convert dvd 9 to a dvd 5. It grabbed certain files and cut out most of teh stuff. Like there are 45 videos, on the new disc i burned only 22 came up. So i guess time to abandon the project. what esle. If anyone has any solution to this greatly appreaciated. Thanks.


baber2, you are just doing something wrong and do not understand the software. The entire point of DVDshrink, CloneDVD, Recode, DVD2One, etc. is to transcode (shrink) an entire DVD9 down to fit on a DVD5 disc, extras and all.

It sounds like you just removed some of the features (extras) and got it to work. Suggest you read up on the guides around and practice. It will come. :smiley:


just stumbled on this and was having a similar problem i think i got it straight now thanks everyone.