COPY DVD TO DVD ...helpppppppppppppp!

:sad: I just purchased a DVD Burner with the idea I could actually copy DVD ((TO)) DVD!!! This type of computer expertise is an entirely new world for me. But! It is VERY essential I find a way to do this. I discovered the term ‘Rippers’ ((AND)) DISCOVERED ANOTHER WAY OF MAKING MONEY SELLING WORTHLESS DUPLICATING PROGRAMS (!!!). I discovered Local- DISCOUNT COMPUTER (experts?!) out there whom want to take your money for skills they do NOT possess. I found when they (((can NOT))) make money off you doing THAT, they use their business ad as a ‘disguise’ for ((FINDING A DATE))!! At this moment in time I cannot financially afford to ‘spend my way’ to experience, as I have discovered others online, have. ((AND)) I am not in the market for this type of dating service! I am quite intelligent about OTHER THINGS! But OBVIOUSLY this is not one of my areas of expertise! I got (by default) a NERO version with my DVD/CD BURNER; my computer is to (((SLOW))) and to old to even consider watching DVD’s or CD’s through it! I have a DVD player I purchased just for this purpose. I am starting over in just about EVERY area of my life, ESPECIALLY FINANCIAL; therefore, as stated previously, don’t want to take (and can’t) take the SLOW LEARNING ROAD. I am intelligent enough to KNOW that there are very simple processes to do this ‘copying’ business; as there is to much intelligence out there to NOT be able to do such a thing properly and efficiently (realizing LAW plays a small part in the popularity to BRAG about such things!). However, I myself do NOT have a ‘clue’ as to how to find it in the most practical sense. This little character ( :bow: ) is my thank-you if you are able to solve this horrible dilemma for me. If there is someone out there in ‘The Great Beyond’ with the answer please send a reply to and please ((FLAG)) your message as it goes to the JUNK MAIL bin, and I NEED SUCH INVALUABLE INFORMATION! And I am not sure I would be able to find a message on this site ever again. It took me 20 minutes just to find a way to do this!!! Thanks!!! SeaSpirit