Copy DVD to DIVx to keep on laptop



Copy DVD to DIVx to keep on laptop

Any guides on how to, or what program/ programs are needed?

got the wife a laptop for Christmas and figured it wouold be a great asset for her to have some movies on the laptop for trips and such to keep the kiddies happy at night…



no one with this knowledge awake yet? lol


You might want to take a look at AutoGK.


You might want to have a look at the tutorials forums here. If you want a one-click solution, there are a number of video editing tools that will import a DVD and convert it to MPEG4 or DIVX. For DIVX, you also have to buy a DIVX license. I’de suggest starting by ripping the DVD with DVDShrink in re-author mode, taking only the main movie. If you further set Shrink to rip into one VOB file, you’ll wind up with one big MPEG file that you can use any video editor to convert. Just be sure to rip only the audio stream that you want, and that’ll depend on the tools you will use to convert.


Thanks for the info. I have been using dvdshrink for a while now to back up my dvd collection to dvd+r’s but have never worked with divx. I did look at the Tutorials and didnt see anything that stuck out to me prior to posting this thread about how-to or what steps where nessasary to do what I need or think I need.

Is Divx my best option to make the movies compressed to save spce or is there another program that I should be looking into that still makes a decent copy of what I need?
thanks again


DIVX is but one of a number of available MPEG-4 codecs. Nero also has one built in. They all seem to be more or less proprietary, so you’ll wind up paying. Yes, MPEG-4 is the best choice for smaller file size AND quality video. However, if it’s only being watched on a laptop, picture quality is not a concern. Virtually any format will be fine. QuickTime is another MPEG-4 solution, and a number of video editing apps support it. Even Flash might be good enough, or any of the other web-based formats. Once you have an MPEG-2 file, you can go just about anywhere. Also keep in mind that if you are stripping away extras and audio streams, many movies will be 3-4 GB anyway, so do you really need to go smaller just to have a “few” movies on the laptop? You could even use Shrink to set a custom target size and shrink them further than that, maybe 2-3 GB.

Maybe look at the various Ipod and similar “portable” formats, most of them have some tool for converting movies. (again, like the QuickTime solution).
Just Google for ““x” conversion” to find free tools for conversions. Look for free trials of other tools.