Copy DVD to CD

Hi all

Complete newbie with DVD & video stuff here!

I have a DVDR with about 400M of video converted from old film. The DVD is intended for my Mother but it won’t play on their basic video player. I’m looking for a way to transfer the content to CD as there might be a better chance of the player seeing the disk - I have had CDRs with JPGs work in the player before. The DVD has one folder with 2 sets of BUP/IFO/VOB files, one small and one large. I imagine the small one is the intro which is not essential. I don’t think quality is an issue as the copied material is very old B&W film from 20/30/40s! I have Nero and access to VideoReDo.

I expect this to be a one-of process so, ideally, it would be good if any additional software needed was shareware or a free trial.

As an alternative, are there any DVDR disks that are closer to the sort of “colour” used in comercial disks that the player might read. The DVD we have is a dark purple colour and I suspect that this is where the problem lies.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Cheers - Andy


I probably didn’t explain it very well! I want to be able to play a DVDR disk on an basic domestic DVD player that is a few years old. It is my understanding and experience that many older players won’t read R/RW media. I have had the player read CDR media (silver/gold finish) with JPGs in the past. The file is relatively small so it will fit on a CDR but players don’t seem to want to play VOBs on CDs.

Since posting yesterday I done some research and downloaded Quick Media Converter, I converted the files to VCD using QMC and burned them onto a disk which works on my domestic player. I’ve also now discovered and tried Nero Vision as part of Nero 8 but I’m having some problems with it changing the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 (I think). I’ve made VCD, SVCD and miniDVD images with Nero (at the wrong aspect ratio) to try. I’m going over to my parents today and I’ll try all the disks out, once I’ve established that it will read the CDRs and which formats their player will play I can then decide on the best option.

Thanks for posting - Andy