Copy DVD to blank DVD

Hello everyone, first time here, excellent site! I had a look through the articles and I apologise if this has been written about but I didnt see it.(please point me in the right direction) I have a pioneer dvd burner, I have dvd-r discs. I have clone dvd, primo dvd,easy cd,trying to find easy cd dvd v 6, to no avail (no I will not pay a fortune for it, cant afford it) Just got dvd squeezer but havnt looked at it yet. etc etc .Last night I tried to burn my first dvd movie on primo dvd, said it worked, but it wont play in the dvd player, only on the pc. DVD player plays vcd’s though. In the past I have used smart ripper to rip from dvd, then dvdxp to encode and easy cd creator to make a vcd onto cdr. Now I want to learn how to copy a dvd to a dvd disc. Thought it would be less complicated than what I have done before. Some of the dvd’s are too large for copy straight to a blank. So I chose one to fit.

  1. Should I just start when I have a dvd movie disc and try copy then?
    Because I am trying to burn the files i have on pc – vts. vob files…

I have downloaded all the dvd copy programs I have found, so some advice on how to do it would be brilliant, for which I would be so grateful. Thanks heaps

Two things you’ll need to do before you can play backup DVD on your stand alone DVD player -

  1. Figure out if it plays DVD+R or DVD-R
  • If it plays DVD+R, then you’ll just have to return your Pioneer and get either a DVD+R writer or dual format writer.
  1. After you sort out #1, read this.