I stored a TV show on a DVD-RAM disk woth a Panasonic DVD-Recorder. I would like to copy this to a DVD-R Disk that can be read by the Panasonic DVD-Recorder. I tried Nero Copy DVD, but the DVD-R is not readable by the Panasonic DVD-Recorder. I have also copied the files from the DVD-RAM disk to my hard drive, but don’t know how to burn it so that it is readable on a DVD-R. Can anyone help?


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You can use dvd decrypter to create an ISO file on your harddrive from the RAM disc, and then you can use dvd decrypter itself to burn this ISO file on a regular DVD.

Is there a dvd decrypter you recommend?

Don’t you know DVD Decrypter? You can find it here

If you can drag and drop all files from RAM media on your HD, then you don’t need DVD Decrypter.

If these files are all ifo, bup and vob, then you simply can burn them with nero selecting new compilation -> Video DVD and putting all files on the folder “VIDEO_TS”

Files created by a Panasonic on a RAM disc are a little different. You need to copy them to a folder on the hard drive and then open, edit, and recode them as a DVD. Then they can be burned. I have had good results with TMPGEnc DVD Author but I am sure there are other ways to do the same thing. Check for more ways to convert.

A lot of posters said you can just change the extension on the video file to mpg and then burn but I never was able to get any software to recognize this.

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