Copy DVD on the fly

Hi! My brother just bought a DVD burner. I was wondering (lame question!) if you can copy on the fly any DVD and which app allows you to do that.
I used the search tool, but no luck… I wonder if anyone is using a laptop to rip DVDs; I have a P4 1.8Gh, 512 DDR with a Geforce4go in a Toshiba Sattelite 5100-503. I was wondering if you would fear overheating of the system while ripping and encoding?
Does anyone has tried that before?
I am worried also with my DVD-CDRW combo bay… It wouldn’t be nice at all to kill it… I think I will never have the money to get it replaced! :frowning:

thanks a lot

as far as i know, u cant copy a dvd as a cd (with, eg, clonedvd), but i think you will find useful this link:

on the fly as in straight to mpeg and no vobs ???

well you can do that check out for the tutorial