Copy dvd on a mac

I’ve read threads on copying dvd using dvd shrink. I don’t think it is free anymore.
However I am using a mac. I want to copy dvds on a backup dvd or put on my iphone. The dvd I want to copy may or may not be protected so it must allow copying protected dvd. I have read of several ways to do this but what seems to work the best and easiest for a non computer pro?

DVDShrink is certainly free, you can download it here: Use the direct link.

But Shrink is very much outdated as a decryption program, and was never one that could be used on Mac operating systems.

Ripping dvds on Macs is always problematic, since the decryption programs always seem to lag far behind the new protection schemes as they appear. One of the better known ones is MactheRipper, but to get the latest one, you have to join their forum and “donate”.

Handbrake can rip and convert for your iphone, but it also needs to have VLC installed. This is the only free option I know of for Mac operating systems. It will only work on dvds with simple CSS protection, so this will fail on a lot of newer movies. You can find both Handbrake and VLC through a simple Google search.

If you have a modern system and can run a Windows operating system on your Mac via Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion you should be able to use any of the Windows based ripping programs like AnyDVD or DVDFab. Also requires a legal copy of Windows to install.


That seems to have the same consequences as Handbrake, as far as decrypting the discs. This option seems better for making a physical copy, though, as opposed to making a single decently sized video file for mobile devices with Handbrake.

Kerry’s suggestion of diving into Windows for backing up movies would provide the most complete coverage, but both users’ ideas for using software in combination with VLC could suffice for basic decryption, depending on the intended end result. I haven’t found much better than either suggestion, though.