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As in every other forum on Club CD Freaks, a FAQ is needed to cover the most common questions regarding how to copy DVD movies. Clone DVD is one of the favourite copy DVD movie programs with frequent new versions of the software keeping ahead of the copy protections. So in general, we have kept this thread to Copy DVD movie FAQ’s regarding Clone DVD. CinePlayer 1.5 with Surround Sound ESD, and MyDVD Studio 6.1 are two of our favourite players.

Note that this thread is closed to comments, please use the Copy DVD Movie or CloneDVD Forums if you have any questions.

Olli’s Clone DVD Forum Posts[ul][li]Elby CloneDVD homepage
[/li][li]SlySoft homepage (sells software combo’s of Clone CD+Any DVD+Clone DVD!)
[/li][li]Elby Clone DVD Manual
[/li][li]Clone DVD/Any DVD Tutorial by MadBob[/ul]General[/li]> The layer-break is not considered to be removed in the near future. We understand that this is a valuable and wanted feature, but we have not yet found an affordable deterministic method to remove it without compromising player compatibility.

You cannot use Region Killer and Any DVD at the same time.
AnyDVD is in fact an updated version of Region Killer.
Q I was using the copy DVD movie software DVD Shrink / DVD Decryptor, OK I know I can walk off and leave it and come back to a finished DVD but there is no-where in Clone DVD that informs me of the size of the DVD so I can make an informed choice about whether to burn just the movie or the whole DVD

A Right, a “compress-o-meter” will be added in a future release. Very high on my to-do list.

Q When using Clone DVD together with AnyDVD copy DVD movie software, could Clone DVD please get the volume label from the disc automatically? It’s a bummer when you realize that you forgot to manually change it from one time to another.

A Good idea!

BTW, it is a good idea to send such requests or bug reports to, because I have a tendency to forget things, while the elby bug tracking system is usually annoying, it er… reminds us a lot.

Q What is “Removes constrained subtitles, waiting time and other limitations”? And does “Remove Analog Protection” mean it kills MV too? And no Adaptec ASPI is required?

A This mean “forced subtitles” and user prohibitions like not being able to skip the FBI warning.

"Remove Analog Protection’ does mean it kills MV - what else could this mean?

Adaptec ASPI bypasses AnyDVD.sys driver. So what? Who cares? No player software newer than 2 years old uses ASPI… even DVD Decrypter can use ElbyCDIO or NTIO. Adaptec ASPI will not cause any conflict, crash, etc, etc…, but software using Adaptec ASPI will not benefit from AnyDVD.

Q Any DVD only supports Win2K and XP?

A Nope, not anymore. The first AnyDVD versions only supported Windows 2K and XP but the latest versions support Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP. Clone DVD, by the way, requires Windows 98/98SE/ME with 128 MB RAM, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or better installed, Windows 2000 or Windows XP with 128 MB RAM.

Q I get coasters without an AUDIO_TS folder.

A The AUDIO_TS folder is needed in some players for compatibility. This was a problem when InstantCopy first came out…Since then when you burn with InstantCopy it now adds an Audio_TS folder. It will be added in a future release of CloneDVD (source).

Q …just wondered how Clone DVD handles Dual layer DVDs? Does it just copy the movie as is, leaving the slight pause in, or does it remove the layer skip?

A Actually, I don’t know for sure, but I believe at the moment Clone DVD doesn’t touch the layer break.

Q Maybe I’m blind or something like that, but when I want to burn a DVD, it seems that I cannot select the writing speed. CloneDVD chooses automatically a 4X speed and I want to burn with 1X speed.

A … we’ll think about it. Maybe well hidden, where the casual user won’t see it (source).

Q I want to be able to split movies without quality loss… (not dvd’s with episodes)

A This is indeed planned in a future release, but I doubt it’ll be used often. Nobody really likes swapping disks while watching. Most movies are “just a little bit” too big to fit on one DVD-R, so reducing the video just by 10-20% is really hardly noticable. Very long movies are a different story (Gladiator with DTS sound, lord of the rings, …) (source).

QI’m looking for easy to use software to just compile and/or burn DVD movies

A VSO-Software has CopyToDVD which is a basic DVD recording tool. CopyToDVD is a new generation tool to backup your music, games, movies, video, photos and data files. CopyToDVD provides you with a variety of ways to create CD (s) or DVD (s), such as integration to shell, user friendly frontend or FileDepot technology. With just a few clicks you can burn files, folders, pictures or photos, and music (MP3 Ogg Vorbis WMA Flac ) to CD DVD. CopyToDVD uses a smart data analyser which suggests the best output format (audio CD, DVD Video…).

Q I just processed a movie with just the main movie, 5.1 sound and no subs. Let Clone DVD burn it straight to DVD-R. Now when I play the finished disc in a DVD player all the titles come up fine but when you select play movie all I get is a green & grey screen and the DVD player just seems to be trying to scan the disc, same in WinDVD too.

A It looks like you have deselected the main movie stream… Sorry.

Tip: To avoid coasters in the future, do this:

Transcode to video files. View with WinDVD / PowerDVD if title selection was ok, subtitles are there, correct soundtracks, …
Now use the third user case “Write Movie…”. Select the folder, where you have written the files before.

Q What is a good dvd player software?

A There are several DVD players that can help you to playback movies you copied with your dvd burner. Sonic has a few good DVD players that will fullfill all your wishes.

Q Can Clone DVD copy copy-protected (CSS) DVDs?

A As of yet it cannot. BUT, there is a solution for this. You can use AnyDVD to decrypt and copy your DVD movie on-the-fly meaning that CloneDVD will then be able to read your encrypted DVD titles!

Q I only have so many DVD-RWs and only so much disk space…any tips?

A Transcode as many titles as you need and keep them on your hard drive(s); what you need to do now is juggle .VOB and .ISO files with your limited supply of DVD-R/Ws.[ul][li]Employ the third user case to write to DVD-R/W.[]Note: Don’t transcode these files any further.[]Delete the folders containing the files that you have written to DVD.[]When you need to change over the movies, employ the third user case to write the DVD back to hard drive as an .ISO because no further transcoding takes place. []This .ISO can be mounted in any virtual DVD drive (Alcohol, D-Tools etc) and played back thru WinDVD / PowerDVD or be rewritten to DVD later.[/ul]
[/li]Q Does Clone DVD “clone” an original DVD?

A No, and neither should it for some very good reasons:[ul][li]An original DVD often contains much, much more data than a 4.377 GB recordable (or 4.7 GB if you prefer billions of bytes)[]There are often unwanted trailers, warnings, subtitles, audio streams that are just not useful and would take up valuable space on the recordable disc[]In reality, all people want to see is the main movie, an audio track and maybe some sub-titles[*]Other tricks can be performed to enhance the viewing experience[/ul]
[/li]Q So how do I copy the DVD movie onto my hard-disk?

A There are various programs available. Try DVD Decrypter, PayPal some $ to LIGHTENING UK! and enjoy. Don’t forget that Clone DVD needs all the .IFO files

Q The reduction in bits consumed thanks to the grey screens is obviously welcome. But, couldn’t the IFOs/VOBs have been modified too so that instead of staring for twenty seconds at a grey screen that used to be the copyright warning, we only have to stare at it for one second?

A This is by design. If you copy with menus, the titles which you haven’t selected are replaced with “full length grey” (movie data with only approx 0.2 MBit rate), to keep the DVD structure integrity. This makes DVDs created with CloneDVD highly compatible. I suggest, that if you want menus, you start with a full clone and only deselect a few streams you don’t like (making of, video clips or some episodes on multi tv-show dvds, etc) I also suggest to disable not needed audio streams and all DTS sound to improve picture quality.

Making the delay shorter would be nice, but you always risk a destroyed DVD structure. It is nearly impossible to check, if there are cross references in the middle of a title. See, you can even leave out two episodes of “Buffy, the Vampire slayer”, and if you enter the scene selection and select a scene in the middle of a greyed out part, the player will not hang or crash. Don’t like FBI Warnings? Copy only the main DVD movie.

In short, the answer is NO, we will NOT completely remove them, but we will try to find a solution, that the player will SKIP them immediately. How about that?

From fakerbaker:

You can remove the grey area by opening the finished Clone DVD temp file in IFOEdit look for the removed areas by right clicking on the .VOB files then using remove playback and then save it. This must be done with each of the .VOB files that you want to remove the grey areas from. Then burn using your normal burning software. Now these areas will simply not be able to be played. Works a treat.
Q I tried to transcode a DVD movie with DVD2One v-1.2.2. I tried this with AnyDVD on the fly. But DVD2One said, that there are “decrypted data on the disk”. This error doesn´t occur in v-1.2.1. What´s wrong here?

A There was a change to the DVD2One I/O code. The version of AnyDVD has dealt with the issue.

Q When Copying DVD Titles without preserving menus (ie. movie only), and you select more than one title, I understand how you set the first-play with the green-arrow. But how do you change the order in which the other titles are played afterwards?

A Well, actually you can’t select the play order of the other titles. Not because we’re too stupid, but because we haven’t found a really easy way for the user to change it yet. Therefore, CloneDVD will only play the “first play” title and stop after it is finished. You can select the other titles with your remote control. This will be improved in a future version. (Source)

TCE error A general TCE error means that the physical integrity of the disc is compromised - scratch, defect, smudge etc. Try cleaning it but generally it’s either a well-used rental version or a defective new purchase.

Clone DVD Error Codes

Q What does error code # mean?

A Here’s a list of some of the error codes Clone DVD can generate:[ul][li]Clone DVD error 1 means that the bitrate controller has failed and the transcoded movie doesn’t fit. This error is rare and was fixed in version ([source](
[li]Write DVD Error Code 8 means the drive couldn’t eject the media. You can ignore this error or try to uninstall the Intel Application Accelerator (source).
[/li][li]Write DVD Error Code 9 means that ElbyCDIO (the hardware access layer, used by RegionKiller and CloneCD) did not initialise properly. This is usually caused by manual deletion of elby products without using the uninstaller. Uninstall Clone DVD, reboot, reinstall Clone DVD and reboot again ([source](
[/li])).[li]BURNING PROCCESS WAS UNSUCCESSFULL ERROR: UDF 65536 … is a cryptic error message describing a write failure. What writer? What media? Important: Is the media on the writer’s recommended media list? Firmware up to date?[]DVD Manager error: can mean that the DVD structure has been lost somehow; you will need to re-rip - ClonDVD needs all .IFO files for a transcode/write[]…xxx\VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO:2: unable to open file: the main .IFO file is missing; re-rip and include all .IFO files[]Writing to Video DVD was not successful: WriteDVD 5 5 Dunno yet; it happened to me trying to write a DVD Shrink file-set of Gladiator - I suspect that the file-set being too big by about 0.3GB was the problem; CloneDVD refuses to do anything if the file-set is too big[]Creation of DVD files was not sucessfull!
[/li]Scheduler 0D:\Video_TS/VTS_01_1. VOB:2147681033:read TCSector Reader TCE
…not sure yet, it may have something to do with locked regions[li]Navigation Pack 4 1572603 1048347 v0bu4 1572603 178 TCE means that CloneDVD has detected an invalid block-reference. If it happens only with a certain DVD, it is probably a mastering error. Please post a bug-report and the name of the DVD to bugs (at) We will try to reproduce the problem.[*]Creation of DVD files was not succesful:IFO Properties 6TCE The meaning of this error is, that CloneDVD has detected a structural inconsistency of the input IFO files. So far, this happened only if you try to post-process Instant Copy 8 files with CloneDVD. In case of interleaved/multi-angle titles IC8 produces invalid - so called VOBU maps - with duplicated and … bad for fixing the IFO files on the fly … missing reference entries. If this happens in any other situation, please don’t hesitate to send the IFO files and a small bug-description to bugs (at) If possible, we will try to compensate these errors in future versions of CloneDVD.