Copy DVD Movie For Dummies

Hi to All,

sorry for a bit long long post but please bear with me… I’m newbe here and dummy on top so double fool :o

I spent good 8 hours over the last 3 days going thru the tons of great info in the forum and … it’s too much for newbe dummies. Even the forum for newbies is too difficult for some dummies like me in places :sad:

Anyway, here are some questions I have that I was not able to find simple asnwers to that I believe may be useful for other newbies, too (to moderator - feel free to move it to the newbies forum if appropriate).

  1. Is encryption the same as copy protections when we speak about DVDs? (in my world those are 2 different and separate things)

  2. Is region code a form of encryption or it’s something else?

  3. What means to rip a movie?
    a/ make a 1:1 copy on HDD (create audio and video ts directories with content)
    b/ make .iso file on HDD
    c/ make .mds file on HDD

  4. What is the sequence of steps to make a DVD movie backup copy. I mean the logical steps, not which software(s) are used. Something like:
    a/ 1. rip 2. burn (I guess this would be the simplest case with single layer DVD and no encry/protections)
    b/ 1. rip 2. decrypt 3. split 4. remove unwanted content 5. burn
    c/ …

  5. Which tools / software COULD be (not which is the best - I know that it is a tricky question) used for each step. Like to rip you can use XYZ, to decrypt you can use KLM, and so on. In the posts many members refer to the same tool for various purposes. Very confusing for dummies.

  6. What could be the variations / restrictions in the copy steps? Like always decrypt first in case of encrypted DVD then do evrything else. Or never do split before removing unwanted content (previews, add’l audio/subtitles, …). Or those 2 can be in any sequence.

I ran into problems when my wife asked me to make a copy of her fitness DVDs that she uses daily and was afraid to damage. I copies the first one using the first free software found on internet (grab & burn) with no problems in 20 minutes. The second one failed during copy to HDD after 1%. I guess I was lucky and the first one did not have any protection. Then I came across this forum and got overwhelmed with so much new information that I know that I know nothing right now.

Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR to All!!!


1 yes the same
2 something else. The companies put out dvds in regions so that you cannot buy on for less in china and play it in the us and such.

  1. simple answer is rip a movie is copying it from the dvd to another device which in most cases is a hard drive but if you make a copy for a dvd from the source dvd to another blank DVD you are still riping it.

  2. Not that simple as you stated without saying what program you are using. With anydvd running and using clonedvd you can rip,remove the protection, and burn to a blank dvd at the same time. If you do as I do I use dvd decrypter with anydvd running to in the background to rip the dvd to the hard drive and remove the portection at the same time. I then use a program called dvd rebuilder to rebuild the dvd to fit on a 4.7gdvd then use clonedvd to burn it to a blank dvd. This is a long process but it give me great copies.

  3. This is hard to anwer the way you want it. fixit4me and anydvd will allow you to remove the protection but they will only work with another program such as dvd decrypter or clonedvd. Fixit4me and anydvd remove the protection as one of the other two programs is copying the files from the disk to the hardrive. Have already seen a post last week where a person was saying that anydvd would not remove the protection on one DVD. People were trying to help for days and only after reading his post again did I figure out that he was starting anydvd then stopping it, thinking that it had removed the protection before he used another program to rip it to the hard drive. You need to read up on the programs.

  4. I will not even try to answer unless you have picked the programs you are going to use. The steps are remove the protection,rip it,shink it unless you are using Dual Layer dvds and then burn it to disk. Some programs do all at the same time such as clonedvd and anydvd and make the job simple, while others do it is steps like the programs I use. I use anydvd with dvd dcrypter to remove the protection and rip it to the hard drive at the same time, then use DVD rebuilder to rebuild the dvd which shrinks it to fit a 4.7g dvd. Then use clonedvd to burn it on a blank dvd. I would not recomend this for most people takes to long.

Thanks samlar - that was quick! You answered most of my questions.

How do I know if a decryption program has to be open (= runnig) or simply does the job on the fly in the background? (active icon in task bar)

Domin8tor in the guide for dvd shrink with dvd decrypter says to open decrypter and set some parameters, then close it and use dvd shinks, then open decrypter again to burn.
You use decrypter with anydvd in background… So which one removes protection and which one rips dvd? Or those are simply 2 different ways of using those programs and they theoretically can do it all themselves but various people based on experience have own preferences?

You need to download anydvd and clonedvd from slysoft and try them they have a trial and or download fixit4me from
and try it. As for as using the guide you are talking about this is for dvd decrypter and dvd shink and both of the programs are no longer up to date and will not be updated in the future. The both can be used but I would use them with anydvd or fixit4me to remove the copy protection since these are the two that are up to date and also put out update weekly. Sony and such keep changing the protection.