Copy dvd cover art from original to backup?

I use dvd decrypter and dvd shrik to back up my movies. I have a sony dvd changer dvp-cx860 and it will show my dvd art on the original cd but won’t show it on the back up cd. the text is copied and shown but not the picture. any help?

Could you clarify this?
Do you mean a normal dvd cover or what exactly?

Yeah sorry. I’ve been searching and it’s called a jacket picture. When I pull up the menu for my disc changer it will show the title and picture of the movie (looks like the dvd case). However when I copy the dvd and put the backup in the changer it only will show the text. The picture will not show.

Would this help you?

not really, i’ll repost and try to write it better

As i understand you’d like to add a jacket picture image to your backup is that right?

how do I include that folder in my dvd. DVD shrink creats an iso image that when i double click on automatically burns

Just select video_ts as output, not iso. And save the output on your hd. Then you’ll have a video_ts folder and audio_ts folder. And here the last sentence in that guide.
“Once you’ve made the files, create a Jacket_P folder, store the images in it, and [B]include the folder on your dvd disk along with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS[/B]”

Thanks for your patience. I’ve only done it as an iso file and am new to backing up my discs. So can I just burn those three files (audio_ts, video_ts, and jacket_p on a dvd and it will play?

Then it should normally if you’re doing all correct be ok.

thanks for your help, I’m trying it now :slight_smile: