Copy DVD-Audio to My iPod

I have a DVD-Audio that I would ultimately like to be able to add to my iPod. The 2-channel audio on the DVD is formatted as LPCM rather than AC3. This is new for me. I’ve been able to do this in the past with DVDs containing audio formatted in AC3.

Using DVD Decrypter, I was able to extract the audio I want and save it as VOB files. These VOB files appear perfect. I can change the file extension on them to WAV and listen to them in Windows Media Player. However, that is all I can do with them. Windows Media Player will not allow me to burn them to a CD, since it cannot detect the file length. It suggests that playing the file in WMP may allow the program to detect the length. However, this does not work.

So, I know I have a file that is good; I just need to convert it to another format.

I tried using BeSweet. The VOBInput.dll file is properly loaded. When I convert it to a 16-bit Stereo WAV file, it changes the track length from 9:46 to 14:43 and adds an enormous amount of static. The original music is still present but significantly slowed down (accounting for the additional track length). I get the same result when I transcode it to an MP3 file - a slowed down track that is now 14:43 long with lots of loud static.

My next idea was to use DVD2AVI. First I opened the VOB file and chose to save an AVI file. This should have given me an AVI file and and AC3 file. It gave me nothing. Next, I saved the project in DVD2AVI as a D2V file. This worked, and I was able to load the project. However, wen I ask DVD2AVI to process a WAV, I get an error message that says “Support for 16-bit 48KHz or 44.1 KHz Stereo Liner PCM only.” This seems strange, since that is what I thought I had. I got the same result with the original VOB file I created or with a new VOB file that contained both video and 2-channel audio ripped from DVD Decrypter. It made no difference whether I had the audio option for 48–>44.1KHz turned on or off.

I wasn’t out of ideas yet. I tried Cool Edit Pro V 2.0. In the edit view, I opened the VOB file that contains only the 2-channel audio. Upon opening, CE asks me how to interpret the file. I chose a sample rate of 48,000, stereo, and 16-bit resolution. I don’t know whether this is righ and don’t know how to find out. Despite my persistence, I really don’t know what I am doing. A box then pops up titles “Raw Data (No Header).” I took this as a clue that I could have a WAV file if I could just add a header, but I have no idea how to do that. The box also said that the data were formatted as16-bit Intel PCM (LSB,MSB). I checked the box that asked me if I wanted to create a header on save and then said ok. I then saved it as a new VOB hoping it would add a header. It gave me a VOB file and a PK file both with the same name. I don’t know what a PK file is or how to use it. I changed the file extension on the VOB file to WAV and still got a WAV that plays in WMP but is of no other use. I then tried to save it in Cool Edit as a Windows PCM WAV file while unchecking the box that asks whether I want to eave extra non-audio information. This gives me a file that is 15:09 long and full of static.

I opened the VOB again in Cool Edit this time choosing a sample rate of 41,100 with everything else the same. I repeated what I tried above. I got the same result with saving the VOB and changing the file extension (hoping it now had a header) - a file that plays in WPM but does nothing else. Saving the file a a WAV gave me 16:30 of static.

As I said, I really don’t know what I am doing. Can anybody send me in the right direction. Just about anything can get me over this hump. I can burn the VOB files to a CDand take it from there. I can extract AC3 files from either the DVD-Audio or the VOB files on my hard drive and it will be smooth sailing. I can convert the VOB files to WAV files that really work and I’ll be a happy camper. I don’t care how I get there, I just need someone to tell me what road to take.