Copy DVD and rename it and have company logo as icon

Hello all. I have a peculiar trouble. I have DVDs cut a few years back. However the DVDs have non-specific names. How do I copy the DVDs for distribution with a new name and company logo ?

How many copies are you talking about? Do you want to use a dvd duplicator or just burn them one or two at a time? Do you have an inkjet printer capable of printing on disks? How much money are you willing to invest in this project?

Thanks for the response Whappo. I intend to make no more than 3 copies of some 25 discs. Dont have any fund for this unfortunately. Its a personal thing for me.

Is the name and company logo on the top of the disc or in the menu’s of the DVD?

Thanks for the response. The logo and the name should be in the menu of the DVD. The idea is when someone puts the DVD in their DVD drive, they should see the new name and logo of the DVD