Copy do "full metal panic" tsr(season 2) disk 1



i have 9 dvd burners - many software etc…

everythink fails (while anydvd on) (latest version)

but if i turn it off any use a old version of smartriper 2.4 . it rips it ok.

if i try anydvd (rip it feature) or nero dvd copy /plextools etc… i get

17-18% lba 708064 error reading every time (disk is scratch free) and plays perfect…

(same error (from nero)) every time even at 2x read.

also if i tell the software to ignore the error and keep copying it stays at 0 speed for 3+ hours) just wont copy with anydvd.

i think i found A MOVIE SERIES (region australia) the new series of full metal panic - the second raid that does not work with anydvd…

(playback ok)

ill try dvd shrink… - any dvd only says standard css protection found.

(p.s new disk no scratches)



What show the anydvd window?


i think iv found a movie (set ) that anydvd cant copy…

(it may be possible my disk has a defect on it?


Get the newer version AnyDVD


This is most likely as many discs are poorly stamped.


it got the latest beta anydvd…

but no disk is defective… swap pack (orig) with new one… new one is ok…



Send .ifos to SlySoft.