Copy data-new cdr-brand-not working

when i switched from sony to imation cdr(bulk of 50 pcs 700/80) i have go a big problem. its clear that new imation must have a sort of copy-protection(1 copy only).

i cannot burn my data to an original and a copy-cd at once anymore. i tried everything. i changed drive to check if its the same. then from my drive(not cd) i wanted 2 copies of a directory(not writeprotected). first was a crw(worked) but when using imation for a second copy, drive just stopped working. no warning, nothing.
what do you think? i am very angry about this industry.

  1. is it normal that directory/files will be write-protected when i check “finish cd” when burning it once(no multisession). thank you very much. this is my first message.