Copy data from DVD hard drive to PC

I am hoping that someone can help me with this quest. I have a toshiba RD85DT HDD dvd player that is broken as far as the DVD player side is concerned. Unfortunately I have over 30 films recorded on the hard disk drive contained within the unit. Is there any way that I can download this data from the DVD player Hard disk drive to my PC so that I can make DVDโ€™s of films stored.:bow::bow::bow::bow:

I am not familiar the with unit you are talking about. but if all else fails you can open the unit remove the HDD and plaug it your pc and then read from it.

This is true. If you can open it up to access the hard drive, see if it looks like a normal SATA or IDE drive. If it is, all you have to do is connect it to any computer and copy your data.

Some DVD+HDD recorders such as certain Lite-On models store recordings on the hard disk using either the FAT32 file system or a modified version of it, so itโ€™s worth trying it in an external hard disk case or connecting it up internally if you are familiar with installing PC hard disks. Unfortunately, many DVD recorders either use a non-standard file system or even encrypt their recordings, so if the hard disk does not show up as a drive letter, then itโ€™s unlikely youโ€™ll be able to read it on the PC.

If the DVD recorder still works for playback, another option is to get a new DVD recorder, connect the video output of one to the Aux input of the other and re-record the recordings from the first.

Finally, how often do you plan on watching the recorded films? If just occasionally, just put the DVD recorder away in storage and take it out when ever you want to watch a film on it.