Copy data CD to DVD

I need copy data CD to DVD. So I need first copy data from CD to hard drive, then burn it on a dvd. Should I save data on hardrive as ISO image? Or just copy data as is?

What is recommended settings to burn DVD?(for Nero 6 Ultra edition, in detail)

If you want to make a data DVD: Using Nero StartSmart, when the program opens, select “make Data DVD” and follow the prompts. Note: make sure you have selected DVD or CD/DVD when StartSmart appears.

You do not need to copy to your HD - copy as is and use quality media.

Unless you have a CD/DVD-ROM in addition to your burner it will be copied to your HD anyway so you might as well do it yourself.

Waste of a DVD really though as I can’t see any reason to do this.

Just a point that causes me some confusion, when you say ISO image, I assume you are referring to an image with a .iso extension. I don’t believe you can burn a image created from a CD to a DVD.

You can with DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn, it’ll convert the blocksize on the fly. At least when I did it sometime ago with Decrypter it worked fine.

this opens Nero Express window, then we just follow the prompt?
So there is no need to convert my data in ISO image? I need burn software(have autorun, etc) on DVD. Should we use default “Writing speed”(maximum)?
Also, we do not need Nero Burning ROM for this? its used for the ISO recording?

Certainly no need to create an ISO image.

For speed , if the media is 4x or 8x rated burn at that speed. For 16x media try 12x.

And when we use Nero Burning ROM? Or its for the ISO burning mainly?