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Hi all

With the latest version of EAC, what steps do I take to make a perfect copy the the CD single I purchased?

Its copy system is Cactus 200.0.4. Please list the steps I take to copy this CD.

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If you want to “copy” the cd as a whole, you will need CloneCD or BlindRead/Write etc.

If you want to copy the wave information, i.e. the music, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the cd.
  2. Press ALT + F7.

However, it depends on your hardware if you can read the cd in your pc.



I read your info on using Blind read / write and using ALT F7, but will this enable me to copy the cd without the protection.

I have tried Alcohol, but it keeps reading 2 sessions instead of only one session.

Please details the steps to copy the cd without Cactus for Blindread/Blindwrite, and if Alcohol 120 is any good, the steps for that as well.

Where can I download CloneCD

If easier, just email me the exact steps for each program.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Originally posted by brightspark
Where can I download CloneCD

Why that version? Why not just use the latest version (v. that you can download from Slysoft ?

As for how to use it, simply copy the cd using the default Audio CD profile. CloneCD will only copy the first session (where the actual audio tracks are located) and the result will be an unprotected copy of the original.


Hi all

I am pleased to announce that I have cracked the CopyControl system Cactus 200. I just did a pure copy of Ministry of Sounds single, Boogie Pimps - Somebody to Love - Saltshaker Remix.

Here is how to do it (NOTE: if you have a DVD-ROM drive like myself, it will not read the CD. Insert the CD in the burner drive before continuing).

  1. Start Nero Burning Rom 6
  2. If you have DVD-ROM drive the original CD has to be inserted into the burner.
  3. Choose to Audio CD (as there are no extra videos or other content).
  4. Under the “CDA Options” tab UNTICK “take off silence at end of audio tracks”.
  5. Under the “Burn” tab, make sure “Write” is ticked on and “Finalise” is ticked ON only on a CD-R, and ticked OFF on a CDRW.
  6. Choose “Write Speed” and change to 4x (creates better copy)
  7. “Write Method” should be “Track-at-Once”, then click “New”.
  8. On the right hand side of your screen will be your drive listings. Choose your CD you wish to copy here, you will then see the track listings.
  9. NOTE: The CD I copied has 6 tracks, but 7 are listed. DONT SELECT/USE ANY OTHER TRACKS BESIDES THE MUSIC TRACKS.
  10. Drag each track one by one from the right hand side to the left hand side. Nero will verify each track which is copied to your hard disk. Do this for all tracks listed except for the DATA track which is what the CopyControl uses. Only select AUDIO TRACKS.
  11. Then click on BURN and choose 4x write speed.





Great trick with Nero vs. Copy Controlled.

For those who only want to rip songs, follow Brightspark’s steps but make a cd-image instead of burning a CD (this is set the ‘Recorder’ menu). This should be much faster than burning a CD at 4x. Once the image is saved in your hard drive, mount it using Nero ImageDrive. Your MP3 ripper should be able to see it.