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I 've downloaded the Exact Audio Copy and the latest version of ASPI driver but when I put the cd ( the Blind Guardian Live Disc 1 to be precise ) to my Plextor W4012A CD-R Drive 1.05 Firmware, in the main window of the EAC there are 12 tracks while the disc contains 11 tracks and the 8 of them were audio and could be ripped and the other 4 were data, also in every ripped song there were a gap at 9 seconds. After that I used the Isobuster 1.5 and I saw that the disk has two sessions, in the first session there is Audio and in the second the data.So far so good, I’ve tried to extract the songs in the first session and I managed to get the first seven without errors and without the 9 seconds gap but unfortunately the other four couldn’t be extracted due to errors.Any advice or suggestion???How on earth could it be possible to divide permantly the data and the audio???Is there any possibility to rip the copy protected cd ??? (the tape or the marker thing doesn’t work I can’t find the second session of the disc).
Thank you in advance.


you could try;

But it also depends on your reader


Try PlexTools and see if you like it.If you lost your installation cd of PlexTools start here and then upgrade here!


i once had the same problems with avril lavigne and the latest placebo album.
after u manually detect the toc, use burst mode to extract the tracks, not using c2-error correction or anything. that worked for me pretty well (with EAC).
but you should check out the PlexTools as well for your Plextor Drive.



Since you´ve got a Plextor,use PlexTools and you´ll be close to heaven!:wink: /gs.