COPY CONTROL CD -- using label gate2/magiqlip2

Recently, I’ve bought L’arc-en-Ciel cds from Japan and some singles and albums in 2004 all have COPY CONTROL CD on them. It makes you install a music reader on yoru computer called MAGIQLIP2 that plays the music and you have to send a key to seomwhere just to backup magiqlip2 formatted files of the music. It seems there are two sessions in the cd where most of them are just dummy files. When i use programs such as EAC, cdex it sees the tracks but there are 2-3 extra tracks that show that all the musc files are in that one big giant file whil ethe real tracks are all 10 seconds or something. I heard that some people using some old or some reader can burn it as if no cd portection using eac or cdex. I talked to antoher person who used cdex and ripped hte mp3s easily. Is there anyway i can crack this protection that already has ended since 2004 ~_~.