Copy cd with protection



hello to all the forum, they are an Italian, here my problem: they are in possession of a composed encyclopedia from a cd-rom protect.the cd me is being gotten ruined I wanted to copy it for being able to still use it… my problem is that the cd-rom it is protect, when I copy it and I try the cd copied does not work to me. the protection is “sony DADC IFPI L554” help me please…


Quite possibly the protection is SecuROM.
To find out exactly which protection is used, scan the disc with A-Ray Scanner and let us know what it finds.


I have used the program a-ray scanner, and the securom it is I have used BLINDWRITE 5 with profile automatic rifle and with this program they are successful to copy jumping the protection on some discs and also dvd… but seems that for this cd nn works… p.s. has burnt 16 cd.

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I have said something of strange?

sure it is one high protection… however thanks to all.


I’m not sure exactly what you meant.
The copy you made with Blindwrite didn’t work?
You could try using Alcohol 120% and select the SecuROM 4.x/5.x datatype.


I have used Blindwrite5 and not has worked, that alcohol 120% don’t work… thanks…


CloneCD 5211 should do the job


If you can’t get blindwrite or alcohol to work then it sounds like a user error.
Both programs should be able to work.