Copy CD to hard Drive

Hi guys, Newbie here, so don’t poke too much fun at me for this question.

I have a CD that I want to copy to my hard drive. I copied all the files to my hard drive in a new folder but when I run the exe file it tells me to insert the CD and names a cdcops.dll file. I tried deleting the file but then it would not run at all!

Any suggestions?


PS I am running Win XP Prof.

i think CD Cops is a form of copy protection if i’m not mistaken. copying the files to ur hard drive and installing from there is probably impossible. u’ll probably need a program that can handle copy protections in order to make a cd copy.

cd cops is a protection AZImmortal and I think it is a hard one to back up, as you need a certain type of media to write it to. Certainly copying the contents of the cd to the hdd and trying to install it will not work. You may be able to make an image file with clone cd and run it from daemon tools virtual device or the clone cd virtual cd/dvd-rom drive