Copy Card / Copy BoX




Wie heeft er info over copy cards etc?
Ik ken maar 2 types, 1 van B-W-E en de ander van CopyAll… welk is het best etc…waar te kopen/prijzen etc…
En compatible met de Yamaha 8424s ?
En wie heeft ervaring en of tips met deze dingen?



Sorry Newbie you must write english please,


i still believe…do you??


Oké I’m sorry…

A little translated…


Who’s got some info about Copy Cards?
I only know two types, 1 from BWE ( and the other from Copy All…

But what’s a good one???
Wher can i get that stuff and what are the price’s?

Is it compatible with the Yamaha 8424s??
've tryd the Copy Card from BWE but it did not work, he don’t detects teh 8424… i’ve mailed BWE and they say that i maybe need an update what kosts 50 DM…

Who has experience with this stuff?



Thanks for your Co operation,

hope you will get your answer overhere.

C yA