Copy Bad DVD Help



Hello, ok here goes

I have a very scratched dvd that Clonedvd cannot read

I used Isobuster which read and made an iso onto my harddrive which is great

Is there some software that will compress this 6 gig dvdfilm and burn it onto a single layer 4.7gig disc

I am used to Clonedvd doing all this for me and used to use dvdxcopy rescue which got a bit bugged out so i uninstalled and cannot now find a copy

Help please



You can try mounting the image to a virtual drive just to let Nero Recode / DVD Shrink at it. Or alternatively, mount the image to a virtual drive and maybe CloneDVD can handle it from there.

You should try Nero Imagedrive [as it comes with the Nero Suite], or alternatively Daemon Tools.


Depending on how damaged the disk was, I doubt the image you have will be acceptable to you.

If the disk is very important to you. I would take it to a store which does scratch repair on dvds/cds. Some audio/video/film developing places have this service and most of the time, only charge a small fee. So if the original disk is worth more than a few dollars to you, I would recomend getting it professionally repaired.

Keep in mind that all DVD drives have different reading abilities. So even though your drive cannot fully read the contents of the disk, another model might. If possible, try other drives. Although, depending on how extensive and sever the scraches, no drive will be able to read it if they are really bad.


oh and i forgot, you have the option of opening directly from ISO if you do chose to try using DVD Shrink on it. Should be in the file menu somewhere.


It’s a long shot but one of my DVDs (much abused) copied with AnyDVD and Windows Explorer when nothing else would work.
You’d have to use a DL disk but it did copy to my hard drive and I burned it from there.
It’s running in my newer stand alone player but not in the older one (not sure why but the older is 2001) and it runs on the computer.