Copy (backup) XP from 2 bad CDs

I’m having touble to reinstall my XP.
I have made 2 backup of my original XP-Cd (which was lucky, cause I lost the original long time ago).

Here’s my problem, both of my XP backup-CDs are scratched. But Usually when I try to instal XP I have to switch between the both CDs.
But now I want to make a GOOD copy of the both bad CDs.
But when I try to copy a CD with Nero or something, it only say “error, bad sectors, can’t copy this CD” or something like that.
I need a program that ask me for some option (like retry), so I can put in the other CD.

If I try to copy it file by file in explorer, it won’t work. Some big file file has error in both the CDs.

Is there anyone that have any suggestions on how to help me ???

If the disks are badly scratched they are probably beyond the laser’s capacity to read them. You could try taking your disk to your local DVD rental shop and seeing if they have a dvd polishing machine. This might be able to buff the disks back to readability and the cost, here in Australia, is about 5 bucks a disk. It’s worth a try…worst case scenario, you loose a few bucks…best case scenario, your disks work again. :slight_smile:

But thats not the problem.
Then I get to the bad sector, I want the program to ask me what I want to do, like, “Ignore, try agian, exit”, and then I switch to the other CD (that have some bad sectors in other places), then I press the “try again”, and it starts copy from the other disk.

But I can’t find any program that gives me this option.
I just treid Nero (and to create a image), but it only told med “Error, bad sector”, and then it gave up. It didn’t give me any options.

you could always try copying the files from the cd’s direct to your hard drive and then try to put them into one folder to make a workable copy then burn using Nero

FWIW, you could just borrow a good CD from someone else. If its the same “type” (e.g. comercial/OEM/full/upgrade/etc.) the CD will work with your “key”. That is clearly ethical, and I believe its perfectly legal since your license is for the key code, which is still just fine.

I have already tried that, but I had one big file that were dammage on both CD (but on diffrent places in it). :frowning:

Sorry Alis5…the scratches ARE the problem and even if a copying program gives you the option to try again it aint gonna work because the data is unreadable. You can try what other posters have suggested to you or the polishing option…it’s up to you.

True, but then I tried this, there were alot of diffrent subdirectorys and other things that had some problem. :-S

When I instal XP (with these 2 CDs), I have to switch CD for about 7-10 times. :frowning:

And now I’m afraid that if I don’t do a “real” copy of them, it will soon be to late…

I see that my replays is always coming in one post to late… :slight_smile:

The switching problem shows that each disk is damaged in a different sector. Like I said…you’ll either need to polish the disks or try Hoosierdaddy’s suggetion. If you keep trying to swap disks or force your ROM to read the damaged disks you’re only going to get angry and frustrated because it’s not going to work.

Hmm… yes, but if it works during the installation, why shoulden’t it work during a copy?

Because the copy process requires 100% file integrity.

Maybe just luck. Everything on the CD isn’t used during install and some parts only used depending on your input and what hardware is discovered. Maybe there were only recoverable errors in the parts he needed. But a copy reads everything and maybe other parts are not recoverable.

Exactly correct…I hope Alis reads this because otherwise he/she is going to be a very frustrated person.

Why won’t you just use the original CD then??

Blindwrite suite with ignore read errors off, and lots of read retries.

Or since you have your original WinXp sticker with your Serial number on it, you should be able to Call MS support & request a new install CD, at a small cost :slight_smile:

Oooopsie, missed that one. :wink: