Copy AVI files to DVD as Data with Nero

Have a problem;)!
I have Canon PowerShot A540 that can make video clips and that works OK and clips are in AVI format, I did not see that it can be changed on camera settings, :frowning:
I replay clips on my camera and I can download and play clips on my PC.

When I wanted to free up some space on my HD and back up my video files I found an issue.

All files that were copied with Nero as Data DVD (so no file conversion) were copied and burned to DVDs without burning errors, but when I tried to play files from burned DVD video was OK, but sound had some short sound distortions repeatedly every several seconds which makes copied files useless for backup that I wanted to have.

Nero will correctly convert and burn video DVD with same files, but that is not what I want.

I just want to copy files from my HD to DVD in original format.

Please let me know if you have any ideas why would NERO have issues burning AVI files to data DVD.

I do not think this has anything to do with recording media, I got the same result when I was using DVD or when I used CD.


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If nero burns the avi in original format with no conversion at all, then the audio distortion have nothing to do with nero, but the problem is in the original file.

A possible cause of the distortion is a low quality disc. Try to burn again on a proven quality disc like Verbatim and see if this solve.

An easy way to check if the problem is really due to a low quality disc is simple: create an empty folder anywhere in your HDD, then copy a file from the burned DVD and finally play again the copied avi from HDD: if playback is fine (both in video and audio) then the culprit is definitely the DVD disc.

To be entirely sure that is not something related to the software, try also to burn your files with a different software. I suggest ImgBurn (in build mode you can burn directly files on a disc with no need to create an ISO file first).

Hi geno888,

Thanks for advice, I will try it but discs are TDK and are not bad (I have both DVD+R and DVD-R), I used them to backup movies and never had any problems.

In addition to that NeroVisionExpress will convert and record OK DVD file to the same media.

As I said, I will try your advice and let you know what was the result.

Hi geno888,

It is not Nero, but it is not DVD media either!

So, here is quick summary:

  1. Files copied on DVD do not play sound well if run from DVD on home PC (the same one that was used for burning. I used Quick Time and Windows Media Player

  2. Now, I did copy files from burned DVD back to HD and they played well.

  3. I took the same DVD and put it to my laptop and it played well.

So, files on a DVD are playing well everywhere, but not if played on home PC with my Sony DRU-800A (the same one that successfully burned them)???

Any ideas?


Me again with addition:

  1. Other DVD drive in the same home PC has the same issue when replying burned AVI file, same sound distortion happens

So, I do not think I have issues with DVD drives or DVD media but with OS when reading AVI files from DVDs.

What could be that issue is unknown to me (runnign Windows XP home edition).

If you have any ideas let me know.

If copied files from DVD to HDD play fine, then I think that the culprit is the media.

If a disc is difficult to be read (and most of low quality discs have this problem) then the playback is stuttering. This is in my opinion the cause of your problem.

Your Sony drive is able to do quality test of burned discs. Can you post a scan with CD-DVD Speed? This will give some more information about the disc :slight_smile:

About the files being playied well in many drives but not in the Sony drive, this is wasily explained: different drives have different reading capabilities. Maybe the Sony drive is a little picky and the amount of errors in the disc make the reading difficult for this drive. Again, a scan could give more information about the disc :slight_smile:

Another cause of the playback issue can be a low powerful CPU and a resource-hungry software. Windows media player and quick time player are not exactly light software. Give a try to VLC player (it is one of the best readers available and it can be used also as portable, i.e. no installation required)

You can find VLC here

Download the zip file and extract it in any folder (no installation required ;))

Hi geno888,

Thank you very much for your advices.

I am not going to be able to test VLC next several days, but will do that next weekend the latest and will let you kow the result.

Best regards

You’re welcome :slight_smile: