Copy avi file to disc



I have a cd with 4.13gb avi file written on it. I would like to copy this cd.(I don’t need to convert it I just want to copy exactly.) Could anyone guide me through it?
What kind of cd do I need? What software do I need to copy? etc.


I’m sure you mean,DVD disc and not cd disc… If all you want to do is copy/burn to another DVD disc,and the original has no protection,well then just burn it as a data disc on to another DVD disc…Do you have burning a programme? IMGBurn is what I would recommend or Ner0,is another some around here use…
If it is an original movie disc that you own,and want to make a backup of it,you’ll need an all-in- one program like DVDFab…it comes with a 30 day free trial…There are methods using several tools to get it all done for free,however IMO, using an All-in-one proggy is much easier for a noob… No offense!..:wink: